Important Future Developments for Dsposal

With the first version in the hands of various companies it’s time to think of Dsposal’s future developments.  This first offering is tiny compared to what we envision our waste reporting and compliance management software will become. However, all great journeys start with a single small step.  So, as our beta testers are working with Dsposal and using it as part of their current waste management systems and processes we are thinking about these next steps. We are creating a new way of managing waste so that we are able to reinforce these existing practices.

Key Future Developments

Consignment Code Creator


The first module that is available is the Consignment Code Creator. This creates and manages your consignment note codes that are required for all hazardous waste movements. Users are able to generate unique codes for all their sites from one easy to use system. They will then be able to issue these codes to their waste and recycling facilities anywhere in the country and by linking these codes with purchase order numbers both the user and their suppliers have easy access to this information. Future developments of this module include the ability to drag and drop pdf versions of the hazardous waste consignment note, weighbridge tickets, purchase order numbers, invoices or any required paperwork that’ll always be easy to find.  And Dsposal is looking to add all the data related with each waste movement on this module so this data will then be visible against each unique consignment code.

Trash Talk

Communication is a vital part of any management software. With Dsposal we are developing Trash Talk. The system will notify users with emails and messages on Dsposal when they need to be informed of anything new.  These notifications include changes to regulation, reminders of interceptor inspections, data uploads and changes to waste facility information, to name only a few. Trash Talk will keep users up-to-date with all their waste management responsibilities and they’ll always know where to find the items they need.


Knowing how your waste is classified is important when dealing with hazardous waste.  With Dsposal you’ll have the ability to know exactly what that waste is and how it is classified. Also, dealing with waste can get confusing with all the acronyms and codes (UN, HP, EWC, R/D). Dsposal will automatically log and manage all these codes with your waste data. So with the click of a button you’ll be able shown what each code means and why they matter.

Waste Facility Pages

The Environment Agency heavily regulates the transport of hazardous waste and regularly audits both waste producers and waste facilities.  With the waste facility pages, Dsposal will help waste producers keep on top of all the information they require when the EA do choose to pay you a visit.  We are looking to develop this area of Dsposal so that you, as a waste producer, have access to all the accreditations, certificates and licenses of all your suppliers that deal with waste, including waste facilities, waste carriers and brokers. You will know that you, and they, are adhering to your duty of care relating to hazardous waste production.  Want to know when all that paperwork gets updated? With Trash Talk you will get notifications before the expiry date and a message letting you know you are compliant again when the newest version is uploaded to Dsposal.

But Wait There’s More

Once we have developed and deployed these modules we won’t stop there.  The waste industry is massive and our future developments will keep adding features and functions that’ll make dealing with hazardous waste easier.  Having worked in the waste industry we know how difficult some aspects can be and that’s why we are building Dsposal to make every day a little easier.  All of our users will be able to provide feedback so that we make Dsposal the best possible system it can be.  If you are not already involved then sign up to the beta version here; time is running out.