New Consignment Note Code Format Coming Soon

Back in April the Environment Agency let producers and holders of hazardous waste know they needed to create a new consignment note code structure for their hazardous waste consignment notes.  You can read about the change from us here or from the environment agency here.  As of the 1st April, if a hazardous waste producer or holder did not already have their hazardous waste producer’s code then they were expected to follow the new guidelines straightaway.  

We are now rapidly approaching the second deadline of the 1st July.  This deadline is for producers and holders of hazardous waste that already had a valid hazardous waste producer’s code.  These companies could carry on with the older convention for an additional three months.  However, in three weeks they too are expected to move over to the new consignment note code format.  Again, just like before we are finding that companies are struggling with this change.  The issues seem to be around who and how they produce this new unique consignment note code.  Up until now this code had been raised by hauliers and facilities, and not the producer themselves.  If hauliers and facilities continue to raise these codes then how is the producer to know that the code is indeed unique?

This is where Dsposal, the cloud-based waste reporting and compliance management software, comes in.  We are currently releasing early versions of our software to some early adopters to test and hone Dsposal so that it is there for waste producers when they need it.  Like with all software the first version will not be the finished product but by working with waste producers, waste holders and waste facilities we will make a comprehensive waste management software to fit the needs of any company, no matter their shape or size.

The Dsposal Log in ScreenIf you and your company is interested in using and helping to adapt and improve this software then please do not hesitate to contact us, however please be aware that there is limited space so don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Head to the contact form and send us a message.

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