Waste collection rogue traders advertising with impunity

Over 60 per cent of adverts for waste collection services in the Greater Manchester area appear to be illegal. We were first made aware of the use of social media and classified sites for waste collection during a CIWM Cleaner Communities day we attended back October 2017.  Following discussions with Manchester City Council in December Read more about Waste collection rogue traders advertising with impunity[…]

Important Future Developments for Dsposal

With the first version in the hands of various companies it’s time to think of Dsposal’s future developments.  This first offering is tiny compared to what we envision our waste reporting and compliance management software will become. However, all great journeys start with a single small step.  So, as our beta testers are working with Dsposal Read more about Important Future Developments for Dsposal[…]

New Consignment Note Code Format Coming Soon

Back in April the Environment Agency let producers and holders of hazardous waste know they needed to create a new consignment note code structure for their hazardous waste consignment notes.  You can read about the change from us here or from the environment agency here.  As of the 1st April, if a hazardous waste producer or holder did not already have their hazardous waste producer’s code then they were expected to follow the new guidelines straightaway.   […]

Hazardous Waste Consignment Code

Hazardous Waste Consignment Note Code

On the 1st April 2016 the Environment Agency changed the way they wanted to see the Hazardous Waste Consignment Note Code on Consignment Notes.  The tried and tested way of registering a site with the Environment Agency was changed to where a waste producer is now responsible for issuing a code and maintaining all the codes for uniqueness.  The guidelines for the changes […]