How and Why to Archive Documents

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Documents with expiry dates … well they expire. When this happens on Dsposal the waste company and the waste producers that follow that site are notified. But what happens next? That document that has now expired needs to not be a red mark against your site profile, but also your customers need to get to it for their duty of care. That’s where archiving comes in.

In this article you’ll find out how and why to archive your uploaded licences, insurances and certificates.

Before You Start

Before you archive a document, you should know that:

Why Archive Documents

Different documents (be it licences, insurances or certificates) form different parts of the regulation around duty of care. Within Dsposal we help everybody meet their duty of care by building tools like the duty of care site audit tool. As the duty of care can last longer than the document (i.e. a document expires after 1 year, but records need to be kept for 3 years). On Dsposal we need a way to keep these documents “available”. By archiving the documents users and companies that have completed an audit will be able to view these documents, as well as your site users and admins. But they won’t be available to view on them from the site profile pages.

How to Archive Documents

To archive a document, you need to be logged into your account and be an admin. Navigate to your Dashboard and choose Documents from the sidebar menu.

Find the document you wish to archive and press the edit button next to it.

Press the Archive Button.

Your document has now been archived.

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