Invitation to join our Expanded Polystyrene Recyclers Network


Generating Business Leads for EPS Recyclers

Dsposal and the British Plastics Federation's Expanded Polystyrene Group have joined forces to develop and promote an online network of EPS recycling companies on the Dsposal directory (

Our objectives are to:

  • help raise awareness in industry and the general public about the options for recycling expanded polystyrene;
  • improve expanded polystyrene recycling rates;
  • raise the profile of expanded polystyrene recycling and processing companies; and
  • generate leads for expanded polystyrene recycling services (the Dsposal directory currently attracts around 20,000 visitors per month who are looking for waste and recycling services).

How you can get involved

It is completely free to list your company on Dsposal’s EPS Recycling Network Directory as this project is fully funded by The Expanded Polystyrene Group.

To list your company, please contact Alexa Culver by email at: or telephone on: 07535 994081.

The listing period expires on Friday 26 February so please contact Alexa before that date if you would like to participate in this project.

A bit about the EPS Group and Dsposal

The EPS Group is part of the British Plastics Federation, and provides guidance to organisations and the public wishing to recycle used expanded polystyrene and provides detailed technical advice to our extensive membership across the UK.

Dsposal is a waste tech and compliance company committed to helping people do the right thing with their waste. “Dsposal manages to bring a new way of looking at waste, blending a fresh pair of eyes with years of experience.  They have a great approach, researching problems and then developing solutions - helping to value resources and making it easier to do the right thing – what’s not to like?” Prof. Margaret Bates, CEO of OPRL and Former President of CIWM.



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