Uploading a Waste Site Licence

Dsposal Uploading Licences Artwork Waste Site with Sign Saying Licensed

On Dsposal there are 3 types of waste site licences that can be uploaded:

  • Waste Operation
  • Waste Installation
  • Waste Carrier, Broker, Dealer – Upper Tier

In this article you will read about how and why to upload these licences to your sites.

Before You Start?

Before you upload a site licence you should know that:

  • You must claim and verify a waste site before you can upload a licence.
  • The version of the licence you are uploading needs to be the one you claimed. Adding false documents and entries will be breaching our Terms of Service.
  • By adding licences and entries is one part of improving your site profile. Logos, site info and site services play an important role too.
  • Only Waste Operations and Installation licences have Activity Tables.

Adding a Digital Copy of the Licence

You can add a digital version of your licences to your site profile so that your clients and future customers can confirm that you are indeed licensed and legal.

To upload your licence, you need to be logged into your account. Navigate to your Dashboard and choose Documents from the sidebar menu.

Locate the entry from the list you are wanted to upload the digital copy of the licence to and press Edit.

On this edit page either drag and drop the document or press to locate the file on your computer. The document is now uploaded to Dsposal.

Next you need to add the various Activity tables for your waste operations and installation licences.

Animated GIF Dsposal Uploading Licence Process

What is an Activity Table?

Activity Tables are lists of EWC Code that a site is permitted to treat, store, bulk etc. They help waste producers determine the best place to take their waste and allow waste companies to better understand the activities they preform onsite.

By adding digital versions of the activity tables Dsposal’s search engine can crawl and index these codes to help waste producers find the right place for their waste.

Adding Activity Tables

On the edit page for the licence scroll down and choose “Add Activity Table”, this opens the edit site licence table page.

In a licence (either waste operation or waste installation) there are lists of EWC Codes assigned to permitted activities. These tables need to be copied from the licence to you waste site profile.

These tables have a title e.g.

Table S3.2 Permitted waste types, storage and treatment facilities for Waste Oil/Water Storage (Hazardous), Waste Oil/Water Treatment (Hazardous) and Oil Storage (Hazardous)

Table S3.2 is the name of the activity table

The other wording should be placed in the description Permitted waste types, storage and treatment facilities for Waste Oil/Water Storage (Hazardous), Waste Oil/Water Treatment (Hazardous) and Oil Storage (Hazardous)

The check-boxes for hazardous and non-hazardous help you to limit the length of the list to choose which EWC Codes are covered by your licence. The chapters and sub-chapters expand and collapse for easy navigation and population.

Once all the codes for that activity table are entered then press Save and Publish and you can add another activity table.

Dsposal Adding an Activity Table to a Licence


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