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Dsposal is lots of things to lots of different people

It was built to help everybody understand rubbish, recycling, trash, junk, waste. Call it what you will it is something that every single one of us deals with, yet few of us understand.

Let Dsposal do the heavy lifting for you

Dsposal is a clean-tech start-up building easy-to-use tech to connect waste producers to licensed waste services and simplify compliance. We make the relevant data accessible and convenient to drive change and create value. Based in Manchester, Dsposal is working towards a world where all waste is treated as a resource. Founded by Tom Passmore and Sophie Walker in 2016 with the online platform launching in March 2018, Dsposal burst onto the resources, recycling and waste scene and is already making waves.

The key goal of Dsposal is to help everybody meet their legal obligations to waste. We help people classify their rubbish with our "waste thesaurus". We help the people that have rubbish find the right place for it with our directory of licensed waste sites. We help people map their waste chain. We even have a tool to help people do site audits. We can also help licensed waste companies be found more easily online; but that isn't our main focus. We are not just another directory, or part of your sales engine. Our main driver is to help you deal with your rubbish, recycling, waste, trash or junk in the quickest, easiest way that meets your legal obligations.

Photograph of Team Dsposal. Georgios Rovolis, Tom Passmore and Sophie Walker sat on green sofa at RWM 2018



We build simple digital tools for everybody to use.

Targeting Waste Crime

With waste crime costing England over £600 million per year we are helping to fight crime.

Save Money

We help everybody do the right thing with their waste and to save money in the process.

Why Does it Matter

photograph of waste flytipped and dumped on dirt road

Part of the problem is that there’s very low levels of awareness around waste. Our research conducted by YouGov in Greater Manchester showed that 49% of adults didn’t know waste removal services needed to be licensed and in a study by the Right Waste Right Place campaign even businesses were unaware of their Duty of Care with 48% of them not knowing where their waste goes once it leaves their premises. So it’s really easy for criminals to take advantage.

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