A cloud-based waste management reporting and compliance management software

Dsposal Features at a glance

Dsposal makes your waste management tasks easy, fast and secure.

Consignment Notes

When the Environment Agency changed the way Hazardous Waste Consignment Codes were being handled it meant a greater focus on the Waste Producer. With Dsposal you can create, issue and manage these codes with ease.

Trash Talk

Dsposal streamlines your waste management duties with time-saving tools like Trash Talk. This is the notification centre keeping you informed about changes in regulation, when licences or insurances have expired and when your interceptor needs an inspection.


Being responsible for hazardous waste can be tricky with all the acronyms and codes (UN, HP, EWC, R/D). Log into Dsposal and we’ll link all these codes with your waste data, meaning you have a better understanding of your waste.

Waste Facilities

Being audited is never a fun experience, but Dsposal lifts the burden. Have all your waste facility licences, accreditations and insurances all in one place. Keep notified with Trash Talk when they are expiring and when they get renewed so you are always kept informed.


Always @ Your Dsposal

It's not just our contact details, it's our mantra.
"We believe in thinking differently. We believe technology holds the keys to protect and benefit our environment."

Waste Management is one of the most important industries for the planet. By doing it well we reduce adverse effects on our health and our environment. However, doing it well means paperwork, box ticking and sticking rigidly to the mould. We believe in thinking differently. We believe technology holds the keys to protect and benefit our environment.

Advances in technology means we can harness energy from the sun and the wind. Today we have learning technologies that make our homes and businesses more energy efficient. And we are at the dawn of having self-driving, electric cars.

At Dsposal we look around and embrace these technologies and realise how we can use them in our industry: the waste industry. Technology offers us all the ability to enhance how we live and work and is able to aid us in our duty of care to our environment.

Dsposal is focused on keeping professionals informed of waste movements, disposal facilities and the regulations. By offering in depth waste reporting and analysis we’ll all have a better understanding of waste; not only at the site it was produced but along the whole cradle to grave pathway.

At Dsposal, we look at problems in the waste industry in a new way. That’s what drives us. And we’re just getting started.


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