07 02 16* – wastes containing hazardous silicones



Wastes from organic chemical processes


07 02

Wastes from the manufacture, formulation, supply and use (MFSU) of plastics, synthetic rubber and man-made fibres

Individual Entry

EWC Code

07 02 16*


wastes containing hazardous silicones

Entry Type

Mirror Hazardous

* Signifies Hazardous Waste

EWC Code: 07 02 16* - wastes containing hazardous silicones. Type: Mirror Hazardous. Image by Dsposal

Mirror Hazardous - Some wastes are not automatically hazardous or non-hazardous - they are called mirror entry wastes. These wastes have a hazardous waste entry (or entries) marked with an asterisk (*), and an alternative non-hazardous waste entry (or entries) not marked with an asterisk