What is Your Dsposal?

Your Dsposal is a free tool for the public to find licenced waste companies and avoid prosecution. If you dispose of your waste through an unlicensed business, you are breaking the law.

Your Dsposal is here to help. By using our free directory of licenced waste companies, you can protect yourself from fines and prosecution.

You are legally responsible for the disposal of your waste.

Your Dsposal helps you make the right decision by only sharing details of legal companies.

Your Dsposal is for anyone who wants to dispose of their waste properly. It also works for legal waste companies, as they are the only ones that show up in the directory.

If you have more complex commercial compliance needs, we recommend visiting our sister website, Dsposal.

Your Dsposal’s directory contains every legally registered waste company and disposal site in England.

If you are looking for a Household Waste Recycling Centre, skip hire or a legal waste removal service, you can find it here.

A "waste company" is any person, business or charity that collects, transports, recovers, treats, deals in or brokers waste. For example:

  • A man with a van that does general rubbish removal
  • A small business that empties out septic tanks
  • A charity that collects food waste and turns it into compost
  • A hazardous waste company that treats waste oil
  • A household waste recycling centre (HWRC, dump, tip) run by the local council

If you don’t use a licensed waste company, your waste could end up dumped or burned, and you will be held responsible.

Sadly, there are a lot of rogue traders out there, but you won’t find them on Your Dsposal.

To get listed in the Your Dsposal directory you'll need to create a free profile on Dsposal and then claim your site. The easiest way to do this is with your Environment Agency licence or permit number. The "How to Claim My Business on Dsposal" page is the best place to start.

No. Your Dsposal is a tech company. Our directory is a bit like Google, but will only return information on legal waste companies. We don’t undertake any waste management activities or operate any sites or services for waste management. If you have queries or issues with any of the companies listed on the directory you will need to contact them directly.

Our Waste Thesaurus helps thousands of people all over the globe find the right waste classification codes.

We’ve partnered with Acumen to offer these services to you to give users of Your Dsposal access to a fully compliant waste management company. It is a sponsored service which means it helps keep Your Dsposal free to use.

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