15 01 01 – paper and cardboard packaging



waste packaging, absorbents, wiping cloths, filter materials and protective clothing not otherwise specified


15 01

packaging (including separately collected municipal packaging waste)

Individual Entry

EWC Code

15 01 01


paper and cardboard packaging

Entry Type

Absolute Non-hazardous

EWC Code: 15 01 01 - paper and cardboard packaging. Type: Absolute Non-hazardous. Image by Dsposal

Absolute Non-hazardous - A waste that is not listed with an asterisk and does not have any link to a mirror or absolute hazardous entry is automatically not hazardous

Waste Thesaurus

119 Waste Descriptions
Cardboard Paper Tissue Corrugated Fibreboard Paperboard Pleated Paper Used Cardboard Packaging Used Paper Packaging Used Tissue Packaging Used Corrugated Fibreboard Packaging Used Paperboard Packaging Used Pleated Paper Packaging Empty Cardboard Packaging Empty Paper Packaging Empty Tissue Packaging Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Packaging Empty Paperboard Packaging Empty Pleated Paper Packaging Used, Empty Cardboard Packaging Used, Empty Paper Packaging Used, Empty Tissue Packaging Used, Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Packaging Used, Empty Paperboard Packaging Used, Empty Pleated Paper Packaging Used Cardboard Container Used Paper Container Used Tissue Container Used Corrugated Fibreboard Container Used Paperboard Container Used Pleated Paper Container Empty Cardboard Container Empty Paper Container Empty Tissue Container Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Container Empty Paperboard Container Empty Pleated Paper Container Used, Empty Cardboard Container Used, Empty Paper Container Used, Empty Tissue Container Used, Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Container Used, Empty Paperboard Container Used, Empty Pleated Paper Container Used Cardboard Sacks Used Paper Sacks Used Tissue Sacks Used Corrugated Fibreboard Sacks Used Paperboard Sacks Used Pleated Paper Sacks Empty Cardboard Sacks Empty Paper Sacks Empty Tissue Sacks Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Sacks Empty Paperboard Sacks Empty Pleated Paper Sacks Used, Empty Cardboard Sacks Used, Empty Paper Sacks Used, Empty Tissue Sacks Used, Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Sacks Used, Empty Paperboard Sacks Used, Empty Pleated Paper Sacks Used Cardboard Tube Used Paper Tube Used Tissue Tube Used Corrugated Fibreboard Tube Used Paperboard Tube Used Pleated Paper Tube Empty Cardboard Tube Empty Paper Tube Empty Tissue Tube Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Tube Empty Paperboard Tube Empty Pleated Paper Tube Used, Empty Cardboard Tube Used, Empty Paper Tube Used, Empty Tissue Tube Used, Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Tube Used, Empty Paperboard Tube Used, Empty Pleated Paper Tube Used Cardboard Tray Used Paper Tray Used Tissue Tray Used Corrugated Fibreboard Tray Used Paperboard Tray Used Pleated Paper Tray Empty Cardboard Tray Empty Paper Tray Empty Tissue Tray Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Tray Empty Paperboard Tray Empty Pleated Paper Tray Used, Empty Cardboard Tray Used, Empty Paper Tray Used, Empty Tissue Tray Used, Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Tray Used, Empty Paperboard Tray Used, Empty Pleated Paper Tray Used Cardboard Box Used Paper Box Used Tissue Box Used Corrugated Fibreboard Box Used Paperboard Box Used Pleated Paper Box Empty Cardboard Box Empty Paper Box Empty Tissue Box Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Box Empty Paperboard Box Empty Pleated Paper Box Used, Empty Cardboard Box Used, Empty Paper Box Used, Empty Tissue Box Used, Empty Corrugated Fibreboard Box Used, Empty Paperboard Box Used, Empty Pleated Paper Box Corrugated Cardboard Corrugated Fibreboard Double Wall Box Corrugated Carton Paper and Card