EWC Code 16 02 13*

European Waste Catalogue (EWC) Code 16 02 13* describes waste that as discarded equipment containing hazardous components other than those mentioned in 16 02 09 to 16 02 12 and is classed as a Absolute Hazardous code.

EWC Code

16 02 13*


discarded equipment containing hazardous components other than those mentioned in 16 02 09 to 16 02 12

Entry Type

Absolute Hazardous

A waste that falls under an absolute hazardous entry is always hazardous. If that waste has no hazardous properties the absolute hazardous entry still applies. The law does not allow another entry to be applied to that waste.

An EWC Code is a six-digit code used to identify waste as listed in the European Waste Catalogue. It is formatted as three pairs of numbers, for example 12 34 56. It identifies and classifies waste into categories according to how these wastes have been produced. It adequately describes the waste being transported, handled or treated. It can also be referred as a LoW Code (List of Waste Code). Read "What is an EWC Code?" from more information.

Examples of EWC Code 16 02 13*

Domestic Appliance Electrical Appliance Microwave Cooker Heavy Industrial Machinery Light Industrial Machinery Scrap Components Electrical Absorption Fridge Freezer Fridge Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Heat Transfer Equipment Refrigerant Agricultural Machinery Cathode Ray Tubes Computer Screens Computers Metal Halide Lamp Sodium Vapour Lamp Photocopier Scrap Television Tube Computer Monitor Television Set TV X-Ray Equipment Transformer Capacitor Mercury Vapour Lamp Mercury Varpour Tube Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment Fluorescent Light Tube Low Energy Light Bulb Compact Fluorescent Lamp Compact Fluorescent Light Energy Saving Light Compact Fluorescent Tube Cathrode Ray Tube Plasma Monitor LCD Monitor Plasma Television LCD Television Air-Conditioning Unit Chiller WEEE Hazardous WEEE Hazardous Waste Electronic And Electrical Equipment Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Machine Laptop Tablet Computer Smart Phone Fluorescent Bulb Car Telephone Cell Phone Cell Telephone Cellular Phone Digital Telephone Field Telephone Satellite Telephone Wireless Telephone Mobile Telephone Mobile Phone 3 Phase Motor Three Phase Motor Induction Motor AC Induction Motor Power Tools Electric Drill Angle Grinder Circular Saw Band Saw Belt Sander Hammer Drill Electric Saw Bench Grinder Luminaire Light Fixture Light Fitting Ceiling Light Chandelier Light Neon Signs Fluorescent Signs Neon Lights Neon Light Signs Neon Wall Lights Neon Bar Signs Neon Letters Neon Tube Lights Light Up Signs Light Up Bar Signs Vintage Neon Signs Neon Writing Neon Signage Fluorescent Signage WEEE Waste MLCC - Multi-layer ceramic capacitors