EWC Code

16 11 02


carbon-based linings and refractories from metallurgical processes other than those mentioned in 16 11 01

  • Entry Type
  • Mirror Non-hazardous

Mirror Non-hazardous - Some wastes are not automatically hazardous or non-hazardous - they are called mirror entry wastes. These wastes have a hazardous waste entry (or entries) marked with an asterisk (*), and an alternative non-hazardous waste entry (or entries) not marked with an asterisk

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Containing Silica Furnace Lining Containing Magnesia Furnace Lining Containing Dolomite Furnace Lining Containing Chrome-Magnesia Furnace Lining Containing Chromia Furnace Refractory Containing Non-Hazardous Component Furnace Refractory Containing Non-Hazardous Substance Furnace Refractory Containing Alumina Furnace Refractory Containing Silica Furnace Refractory Containing Magnesia Furnace Refractory Containing Dolomite Furnace Refractory Containing Chrome-Magnesia Furnace Refractory Containing Chromia Furnace Bricks Containing Non-Hazardous Component Furnace Bricks Containing Non-Hazardous Substance Furnace Bricks Containing Alumina Furnace Bricks Containing Silica Furnace Bricks Containing Magnesia Furnace Bricks Containing Dolomite Furnace Bricks Containing Chrome-Magnesia Furnace Bricks Containing Chromia