17 02 03 – plastic



construction and demolition wastes (including excavated soil from contaminated sites)


17 02

wood, glass and plastic

Individual Entry

EWC Code

17 02 03



Entry Type

Mirror Non-hazardous

EWC Code: 17 02 03 - plastic. Type: Mirror Non-hazardous. Image by Dsposal

Mirror Non-hazardous - Some wastes are not automatically hazardous or non-hazardous - they are called mirror entry wastes. These wastes have a hazardous waste entry (or entries) marked with an asterisk (*), and an alternative non-hazardous waste entry (or entries) not marked with an asterisk

Waste Thesaurus

153 Waste Descriptions
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride PP - Polypropylene HDPE - High Density Polyethylene PS - Polystrene LDPE - Polyethylene Terehthalate Plastic Plastic Building Waste Plastic Construction Waste Plastic Demolition Waste Low Density Polethylene Building Waste Low Density Polethylene Construction Waste Low Density Polethylene Demolition Waste HDPE Building Waste HDPE Construction Waste HDPE Demolition Waste High Density Polyethylene Building Waste High Density Polyethylene Construction Waste High Density Polyethylene Demolition Waste LDPE Building Waste LDPE Construction Waste LDPE Demolition Waste Poylethylene Terephthalate Building Waste Poylethylene Terephthalate Construction Waste Poylethylene Terephthalate Demolition Waste PET Building Waste PET Construction Waste PET Demolition Waste Polypropylene Building Waste Polypropylene Construction Waste Polypropylene Demolition Waste PP Building Waste PP Construction Waste PP Demolition Waste Polystyrene Building Waste Polystyrene Construction Waste Polystyrene Demolition Waste High Impact Polystyrene Building Waste High Impact Polystyrene Construction Waste High Impact Polystyrene Demolition Waste Polyvinylidene Chloride Building Waste Polyvinylidene Chloride Construction Waste Polyvinylidene Chloride Demolition Waste PVDC Building Waste PVDC Construction Waste PVDC Demolition Waste Latex Building Waste Latex Construction Waste Latex Demolition Waste Rubber Building Waste Rubber Construction Waste Rubber Demolition Waste Polypropylene Film Building Waste Polypropylene Film Construction Waste Polypropylene Film Demolition Waste Polythene Sheeting Building Waste Polythene Sheeting Construction Waste Polythene Sheeting Demolition Waste Agricultural Film Building Waste Agricultural Film Construction Waste Agricultural Film Demolition Waste Mixed Plastics Building Waste Mixed Plastics Construction Waste Mixed Plastics Demolition Waste Baled Plastic Waste Building Waste Baled Plastic Waste Construction Waste Baled Plastic Waste Demolition Waste Dry Cellophane Building Waste Dry Cellophane Construction Waste Dry Cellophane Demolition Waste Baled Plastic Waste Film Cling Film Cellophane Empty Plastic Bag Empty Plastic Bottle Empty Plastic Crate Empty Plastic Drum Empty Plastic Container Empty Plastic Packaging Empty Plastic Sheeting Empty Plastic Wrapping Empty Plastic Film Empty Low Density Polethylene Bag Empty Low Density Polethylene Bottle Empty Low Density Polethylene Crate Empty Low Density Polethylene Drum Empty Low Density Polethylene Container Empty Low Density Polethylene Packaging Empty Low Density Polethylene Sheeting Empty Low Density Polethylene Wrapping Empty Low Density Polethylene Film Empty High Density Polyethylene Bag Empty High Density Polyethylene Bottle Empty High Density Polyethylene Crate Empty High Density Polyethylene Drum Empty High Density Polyethylene Container Empty High Density Polyethylene Packaging Empty High Density Polyethylene Sheeting Empty High Density Polyethylene Wrapping Empty High Density Polyethylene Film Used Plastic Bag Used Plastic Bottle Used Plastic Crate Used Plastic Drum Used Plastic Container Used Plastic Packaging Used Plastic Sheeting Used Plastic Wrapping Used Plastic Film Used Low Density Polethylene Bag Used Low Density Polethylene Bottle Used Low Density Polethylene Crate Used Low Density Polethylene Drum Used Low Density Polethylene Container Used Low Density Polethylene Packaging Used Low Density Polethylene Sheeting Used Low Density Polethylene Wrapping Used Low Density Polethylene Film Used High Density Polyethylene Bag Used High Density Polyethylene Bottle Used High Density Polyethylene Crate Used High Density Polyethylene Drum Used High Density Polyethylene Container Used High Density Polyethylene Packaging Used High Density Polyethylene Sheeting Used High Density Polyethylene Wrapping Used High Density Polyethylene Film Film Wrap Pallet Wrap Stretch Film Plastic Wheelie Bin Plastic Scrap PMMA - Poly(methyl methacrylate) Poly(methyl 2-methylpropenoate) Methyl Methacrylate Resin Perspex Acrylic Acrylic Glass Plexiglass Crylux Acrylite Lucite Perclax Transparent Thermoplastic UPVC - Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride UPVC Window Frame UPVC Window Sill UPVC Fascia UPVC Siding UPVC Weatherboarding UPVC Waste Pipes UPVC Gutters UPVC Downspouts