17 06 05* – construction materials containing asbestos



construction and demolition wastes (including excavated soil from contaminated sites)


17 06

insulation materials and asbestos-containing construction materials

Individual Entry

EWC Code

17 06 05*


construction materials containing asbestos

Entry Type

Mirror Hazardous

* Signifies Hazardous Waste

EWC Code: 17 06 05* - construction materials containing asbestos. Type: Mirror Hazardous. Image by Dsposal

Mirror Hazardous - Some wastes are not automatically hazardous or non-hazardous - they are called mirror entry wastes. These wastes have a hazardous waste entry (or entries) marked with an asterisk (*), and an alternative non-hazardous waste entry (or entries) not marked with an asterisk

Waste Thesaurus

58 Waste Descriptions
Bonded Asbestos Construction Material Containing Asbestos Construction Material Containing Fibrous Asbestos Construction Material Containing Asbestos Dust Construction Material Containing Blue Asbestos Construction Material Containing Brown Asbestos Construction Material Containing White Asbestos Construction Material Containing Green Asbestos Construction Material Containing Asbestos Fibre Construction Material Containing Bonded Asbestos Asbestos Cement Asbestos Sheet Asbestos Roofing Tile Asbestos Lagging Asbestos Cladding Fibrous Asbestos Cement Fibrous Asbestos Sheet Fibrous Asbestos Roofing Tile Fibrous Asbestos Lagging Fibrous Asbestos Cladding Asbestos Dust Cement Asbestos Dust Sheet Asbestos Dust Roofing Tile Asbestos Dust Lagging Asbestos Dust Cladding Blue Asbestos Cement Blue Asbestos Sheet Blue Asbestos Roofing Tile Blue Asbestos Lagging Blue Asbestos Cladding Brown Asbestos Cement Brown Asbestos Sheet Brown Asbestos Roofing Tile Brown Asbestos Lagging Brown Asbestos Cladding White Asbestos Cement White Asbestos Sheet White Asbestos Roofing Tile White Asbestos Lagging White Asbestos Cladding Green Asbestos Cement Green Asbestos Sheet Green Asbestos Roofing Tile Green Asbestos Lagging Green Asbestos Cladding Asbestos Fibre Cement Asbestos Fibre Sheet Asbestos Fibre Roofing Tile Asbestos Fibre Lagging Asbestos Fibre Cladding Bonded Asbestos Cement Bonded Asbestos Sheet Bonded Asbestos Roofing Tile Bonded Asbestos Lagging Bonded Asbestos Cladding Inert with Asbestos Muck containing Asbestos Sol and Soils contaminated with Asbestos