EWC Code 18 02 02*

European Waste Catalogue (EWC) Code 18 02 02* describes waste that as wastes whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection and is classed as a Absolute Hazardous code.

EWC Code

18 02 02*


wastes whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection

Entry Type

Absolute Hazardous

A waste that falls under an absolute hazardous entry is always hazardous. If that waste has no hazardous properties the absolute hazardous entry still applies. The law does not allow another entry to be applied to that waste.

An EWC Code is a six-digit code used to identify waste as listed in the European Waste Catalogue. It is formatted as three pairs of numbers, for example 12 34 56. It identifies and classifies waste into categories according to how these wastes have been produced. It adequately describes the waste being transported, handled or treated. It can also be referred as a LoW Code (List of Waste Code). Read "What is an EWC Code?" from more information.

Examples of EWC Code 18 02 02*

Animal Blood Animal Body Part Animal Organ Animal Tissue Animal Bedding Animal Body Animal Carcass Animal Faeces Animal Excrement Animal Poo Vermin Blood Vermin Body Part Vermin Organ Vermin Tissue Vermin Bedding Vermin Body Vermin Carcass Vermin Faeces Vermin Excrement Vermin Poo Dead Pet Vet Blood Bag Vet Blood Preserve Animal Hospital Blood Bag Animal Hospital Blood Preserve Veterinary Surgery Blood Bag Veterinary Surgery Blood Preserve Used Towel Used Paper Towel Used Swab Used Dressing Used Bandage Used Wipes Used Bedding Used Linen Soiled Towel Soiled Paper Towel Soiled Swab Soiled Dressing Soiled Bandage Soiled Wipe Soiled Bedding Soiled Linen Infectious Towel Infectious Paper Towel Infectious Swab Infectious Dressing Infectious Bandage Infectious Wipe Infectious Bedding Infectious Linen Contagious Towel Contagious Paper Towel Contagious Swab Contagious Dressing Contagious Bandage Contagious Wipe Contagious Bedding Contagious Linen Transmissible Towel Transmissible Paper Towel Transmissible Swab Transmissible Dressing Transmissible Bandage Transmissible Wipe Transmissible Bedding Transmissible Linen Transmittable Towel Transmittable Paper Towel Transmittable Swab Transmittable Dressing Transmittable Bandage Transmittable Wipe Transmittable Bedding Transmittable Linen Healthcare Risk Towel Healthcare Risk Paper Towel Healthcare Risk Swab Healthcare Risk Dressing Healthcare Risk Bandage Healthcare Risk Wipe Healthcare Risk Bedding Healthcare Risk Linen Agar-agar Dog Poo Animal tissue subject to a DEFRA pathogens licence Animal tissue imported from abroad Snake Tissue Shark Tissue Rhino Dung Petri Dish Cell-Culture Dish Petri Plate Agar Plate Culture Dish TSA Plate Laboratory Dish Virus Medical Research Waste Medical Waste Biological Research Waste Biohazard Virus Waste Biohazard Waste