18 02 07* – cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines



wastes from human or animal health care and/or related research (except kitchen and restaurant wastes not arising from immediate health care)


18 02

wastes from research, diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease involving animals

Individual Entry

EWC Code

18 02 07*


cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines

Entry Type

Absolute Hazardous

* Signifies Hazardous Waste

EWC Code: 18 02 07* - cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines. Type: Absolute Hazardous. Image by Dsposal

Absolute Hazardous - A waste that falls under an absolute hazardous entry is always hazardous. If that waste has no hazardous properties the absolute hazardous entry still applies. The law does not allow another entry to be applied to that waste.