20 01 37* – wood containing hazardous substances



municipal wastes (household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes) including separately collected fractions


20 01

separately collected fractions (except 15 01)

Individual Entry

EWC Code

20 01 37*


wood containing hazardous substances

Entry Type

Mirror Hazardous

* Signifies Hazardous Waste

EWC Code: 20 01 37* - wood containing hazardous substances. Type: Mirror Hazardous. Image by Dsposal

Mirror Hazardous - Some wastes are not automatically hazardous or non-hazardous - they are called mirror entry wastes. These wastes have a hazardous waste entry (or entries) marked with an asterisk (*), and an alternative non-hazardous waste entry (or entries) not marked with an asterisk