Introducing Your Dsposal

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We have BIG news!

Earlier this year we founded a not-for-profit social enterprise to take over Dsposal’s Directory, Waste Thesaurus and data infrastructure that we believe should be safeguarded for the benefit of the environment and society. We are so excited to introduce you to our new service for residents: Your Dsposal!

Dsposal’s great! Why change things?

The commercial and environmental benefits of Dsposal’s market-leading waste compliance software is proven, giving waste producers confidence and supporting legitimate waste companies.

What surprised us was how popular Dsposal has become with residents, even more so with the recent changes to services caused by Covid-19 – in fact, nearly 50% of our traffic comes from householders wanting to find their local household waste recycling centre or a licensed rubbish removal service. After much deliberation and data crunching, we are excited to launch a twin service: alongside the established Dsposal you know and love, residents can now use the all-new Your Dsposal.


Your Dsposal will continue the work begun by Dsposal to make life easier for householders with an ever-improving Directory and more useful products like our popular Waste Thesaurus, benefitting the waste and recycling industry, the environment, and society. With Your Dsposal operating as a separate social-driven enterprise all profits will be reinvested in our mission and all the data assets will be in a “for-good” profit lock, meaning if Your Dsposal ever closes, its assets will be passed to another purpose-driven non-profit.

Your Dsposal will also work to create the data infrastructure our industry needs to enable it to make the most of the benefits of digital transformation. Your Dsposal will continue developing open data standards, like the KnoWaste prototype open data standard for waste that we developed with Open Data Manchester and gathering and releasing useful open datasets on waste and recycling to increase transparency and improve accountability.

Dsposal will focus its attention on continuing to develop market-leading compliance tools for businesses, both waste management companies and their waste producing clients. These tools help organisations meet their legal obligations to waste, simplifying and automating time-consuming compliance tasks to minimise your risks and provide peace of mind that you’re meeting your duty of care along your entire waste supply chain.

Your Directors

We’re incredibly proud to have an all-woman founding Board of Directors for Your Dsposal. This was a conscious move to help redress the balance of women in leadership roles in the waste and tech industries. As Your Dsposal grows, Board members will be invited that can demonstrate suitable expertise and represent the wonderfully diverse communities we serve.

Zoë Lenkiewicz

Zoë Lenkiewicz has 20 years' experience in sustainable waste management and circular economy initiatives.

She brings valuable cross-sectoral expertise to solving local and global challenges of waste management. Head of Programmes and Engagement at UK charity WasteAid, Zoë is supporting governments and communities in lower-income countries to develop safe and sustainable waste management approaches. 

Her background in communications around waste coupled with her experience at the forefront of a fast-growth purpose-driven organisation is invaluable to Your Dsposal.

Helen Middleton

Helen Middleton has 30 years’ experience in business and marketing management in the private and voluntary sectors.

She was a Senior Strategic Lead at the Furniture Re-use Network (now Re-use Network) working to improve the environmental and social welfare impacts associated with poor resource management; by influencing national and EU waste and social welfare policy, developing private, public and voluntary sector partnerships, building business resilience and re-use capacity.

She founded the Furniture Poverty Hub in 2018 and is a freelance business management consultant working with charities, social enterprises and housing associations to reduce waste, and improve the lives of people experiencing a range of social welfare issues. This experience along with her strategic approach and commercial acumen is a vital asset to Your Dsposal.

Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker is COO and Co-Founder of Dsposal.

She founded Dsposal in 2016, and despite being relatively new to the waste and resources sector she has built a reputation for herself and Dsposal and is now invited to speak internationally on waste, digitalisation and open data.

She has a degree in Conflict Resolution, has cycled 8,700 miles around North America and enjoyed a winding career encompassing logistics and supply chain, the food industry and sustainability. She brings this breadth of experience and fresh pair of eyes to create innovative new solutions to systemic problems.

Your Dsposal is supported by Co op Foundation and The Federation, in partnership with Luminate.


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