Where is my permit or licence?

Can't find a licence or permit on Dsposal. You should check this article out.

Using the Waste Chain

Dsposal's Waste Chain tool helps you with your legal obligations to waste and aids you to…

Waste Management API

Dsposal's Waste Management API (Application Programming Interface) are a set of subroutine…

How to Get a Quote

Use Dsposal to find a licensed waste company and then get a quote.

Downgrade a Waste Site Profile

Downgrading to the free tier on Dsposal is a very simple process

How to Remove Users

Removing users from your site profile as super quick.

How and Why to Archive Documents

Archiving Documents might sounds trivial but it's a key component of helping everybody mee…

How to Add Additional Users

Adding additional users on Dsposal is nice and simple. More users means more help and cov…

3 Key Reasons to Add Dsposal as a Social…

You have a great business website, you are licensed and you have a Dsposal profile. Should…

Find the right place for your waste

Using Dsposal means you know the waste company is licensed. By only using licensed waste companies you help tackle the causes of waste crime.

Find a Waste Operations Company