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We all produce waste and sometimes it can be a pain to get rid of.

Did you know that you are responsible for your waste along its entire journey? It’s part of what’s called your “Duty of Care”. Not knowing the right place to send your waste could result in it getting fly-tipped. Waste crime, like fly-tipping, costs our country hundreds of millions of pounds a year, damages our environment and endangers our health.

The Environment Agency are cracking down on waste crime by closing businesses, issuing thousands of pounds in fines and putting people behind bars.

But ensuring that you only use licensed, legal companies can be complicated and time consuming.

That’s where Dsposal comes in.

Meet Colin. Colin wants a skip to get rid of the junk from his garage.

Colin goes to Dsposal, types in “General Junk”, adds his postcode and clicks search. Colin can send out enquiries to loads of licensed waste companies that can pick up his waste.

Meet Angela. Angela has set up a skip company and registered with the Environment Agency.

Through Dsposal, Angela receives Colin’s enquiry and wins the job. Angela knows just the right place to take Colin's waste.

Meet Adil. Adil works for a waste processing and transfer site.

Adil quickly and easily keeps all his customers, like Angela, notified of any changes to his compliance documentation.

Before Angela takes the “General Junk” to Adil she can quickly check that everything is fine for her duty of care.

Adil doesn't only take “General Junk”. He has lots of customers that use lots of different services.

Like Jennifer. Jennifer works for a large manufacturing company and is responsible for all the environmental compliance for all their factories in England.

Jennifer has to make sure that everything from office waste to oily rags to sulfuric acid is dealt with properly. Jennifer loves using Dsposal because she can see at a glance that everything is okay for all her factories.

Dsposal makes it easy for you to find and contact licensed waste companies and takes the headache out of your waste duty of care.

Sign up for free now and start using Dsposal in less than 5 minutes.

Dsposal. Find the right place for your waste.


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