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Friday, 26 July 2019

Late July 2019

This update went live on 25th July and was all about getting content faster to you. 

What's new:

  • Unclaimed Sites: During the last update we introduced the ability to follow unclaimed sites,  you can now invite them to join Dsposal from your dashboard if you know their email, and we promise to let you know when they do. 


  • Waste Company Search:
    • Search results have been optimised to be faster than ever, while maintaining quality but by increasing quantity. How did we do that? Trade secrets!
    • When clicking on a search result, your map view will update to respective marker and show up all the necessary details, no need to click on the marker anymore!
    • Filters have become a bit faster as the map populates now in steps, to avoid freezing your browser, especially on mobile phones and older devices. You can now get that 10-year-old smartphone out of your drawer and search waste companies on Dsposal. Filters now will display counter so that you know not to enable filters with zero results.
    • Moving through pages on a mobile -especially when using the bottom pagination controls - was a pain, it will now scroll to the top of the page so you don't have to.
    • It is now possible to see all of your followed companies above the search results and navigate to them by just clicking on their tag.
    • Distance is now displayed for all results (both claimed and unclaimed). 
    • Browsing on smaller screens is now a charm, as the map will be hidden by default (so that your tiny screen be can a bit more bearable) and you can expand it whenever you want by clicking on the appropriate tile. If you are on a tablet, landscape mode and portrait mode the map with adjust accordingly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Social Media Logos - Sometimes, when sharing you profile on Dsposal, you logo wouldn't show up in your post properly, no need to worry about that now.
  • Login Page - If you've ticked the remember me box on the login page, you may have noticed that it didn't actually remember you for too long. Now it will! FOREVER (not really, it's only 30 days)


Early July 2019

Thanks for all the suggestions on this one.  This one has been 100% customer and user led! This update went live 4th July 2019.

What's New:

  • Follow Unclaimed Sites - You wanted it, so we provided.  You can now follow unclaimed licences, permits, sites etc. All you need to do is head to an unclaimed site and click Follow.  When it gets claimed you will be notified.  What's not to like?
  • Duty of Care Audit Documents - When you were meeting your duty of care requirements and heading to sites to complete a site audit you were getting frustrated with not being able to see the digital version of the licence, insurance or certificate.  That frustration should have disappeared in this new update as we added this in (but only if the site has uploaded it to their profile). 
  • Easiler to Abandon a Claim - We didn't allow you to stop the process of claiming then paying for a site. What an ugly mistake.  It's all better now through; you can now adandon a claim at every stage of the process.
  • Company Logo and Information - We have done some work on the company pages are you wanted to show off your brand and company a little.  So now you can upload logos at the company level, as well as the site level.  There is also an additional company level info section too. More opportunities to show the world that you are a fully licensed and legal organisation!
  • Basic Auth API for VBA - When encoding the header for authorisation in VBA some users would receive a 403. The error occurred as VBA was doing some interesting encoding with long codes.  We can now handle this in the API but note that when encoding do not include "API_" prefix.
  • Style Guidelines - We are now following our own style guidelines across the entire platform.  We only use shades and tones of our compliant blue, natural green, interesting orange, alarmist red and meh grey.

Bug Fixes:

  • EWC Code Page Titles - Our page titles for the EWC Codes were all messy. Not sure where that little blighter got in but we shooed it away.
  • Profile Logos - If there wasn't a logo for a profile then we weren't showing our placeholder grey D logo- if was that broken image link icon instead.  But that's better now.
  • Searching Documents - This was a "fun" one. When searching a document in the documents page of the dashboard a list of document would appear; that's good. But you couldn't click on view, edit or continue: that's bad! All sorted now through.
  • Scrolling On Safari - On some devices running the Safari Browser the nav bar would disappear. This bug has now disappeared.
  • Various tweaks and improvemets.  Some nice additions to the home page.


Early June 2019

One huge new feature and lots of tweaks. This update went live 5th June 2019.

What's New:

  • Waste Thesaurus API - We know you love our Waste Thesaurus! Wish you could develop new tools using its ever growing list of waste synonyms? Well now you can with our newly released API.  This is the API Documentation, and you can access a token from the Dashboard.
  • Improved Waste Thesaurus Search - When building the API we improved the search and it is much more accurate.
  • Tweaked User Interface - We've tidied up the UI across the whole of Dsposal and there is a lot more continuity.
  • Enquiries Avatar - Sometimes it was difficult to determine who said what in an enquiry conversation.  We've added an avatar of initials to make it clearer!

Bug Fixes:

  • Duplicate Sites - Sometimes when a site was verified we made 2 sites not 1. Well no more - bug down.
  • Invalid Dates - Some types of licences don't have an expiry date; which is fine.  But we would say it expired on the 1st January 1900.  That was not a true statement.  So we fixed it.
  • Various tweaks.


Late April 2019

Lots of little updates and improvements all over the place. Pushed live 24th April 2019.

What's New:

  • Trash Talk Notifications - We've had a bit of a redesign of the Trash Talk Notifications. The dashboard now only shows unread notifications. We've added a bit more information in there too.
  • Followed Sites Dashboard Card - The followed sites card on the dashboard now only shows up to 3 sites.  We've also ordered them so the ones with more expired or close to expired documents will show up at the top. Little things to keep you compliant.
  • Dashboard Tour - There is now a tour to help users both new and old navigate the dashboard. All you need to do is log into the dashboard and press the Dashboard Tour button.
  • Company Profile Pages - We've now added a company profile page. Companies with multiple sites can now see all their sites on 1 page.
  • Updated Site Profile Pages - We've added some new bits to the site profiles.  There is a map in there, the document compliance traffic light indicator.  Also there is a link up to your companies page.  We added some icons too.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various tweaks and bug fixes


Mid April 2019

What didn't we update or upgrade this month? We did a huge amount of work!

What's New:

  • Dashboard - The dashboard got a turbo boost. It is lightning fast now.
  • Enquires - The enquires got an overhaul in this release. There are some new icons to help you understand what is going on. Some additional labels so you know what is what. It's top.
  • Nav Bar - The Dsposal Nav Bar wasn't doing it's job.  So we had a chat with users, did a load of research and spent a long time looking at improving it. Tell us what you think.
  • Checkout - The process for paying for sites wasn't clear; so we had a proper look into how to improve it and give you all some more information of what was going one.  Fully transparent now!
  • Get Quote from Listings - You can get a quote straight from the listings page.  No more going into profiles and clicking to be taken to dashboards to then have to navigate back (see it was a little messy).  Now search, hit Get A Quote and send a message.
  • Follow from Listings - The shortlist wasn't a well used feature, but you folks love to follow sites.  Now you can follow straight after a search and see a list of all your followed sites in that same area.  Winning!
  • Add Licences and Permits in Dashboard - You can now add additional licences and permits to existing sites from within the dashboard.  If you are already an admin, you can also add whole new sites from within the dashboard. Plus it's with company name search, registration number search or location search.
  • Sites in Dashboard - The sites section in the dashboard was all confused.  Not anymore.

Bug Fixes:

  • Internet Explorer - Just because IE is obsolete doesn't mean it doesn't get used.  There were lots of tweaks for IE; should be a much better experience on their now.
  • EWC Code Page Company Search - This didn't work. In any way. Oops! Thank's for your patience with this one.
  • Help is now FAQ - It's a UX thing.


Mid March 2019

This time round we did some more major work on the waste company search, tidied up some bits here and there, and took the fight to the bots.

What's New:

  • Revamped Company Search - We have changed the way we "talk" to the list of licensed waste permits in England.  Which means two cool new features became available to us.
  • More Companies, wider search radius - Searching in an area now brings up a loads of waste sites; making it easier to find the right place for your waste. There are now literally pages of them - that's right we added in pages because there are so many profiles now!
  • Unclaimed Profile Name Search - What was once impossible is now possible! Once you've searched in a location you can now filter down by company name!!! Game changer!
  • Remove Users - Now you can remove yourself from a company; neat!
  • User Verification Process - For new users there is an extra step to creating an account - it's a nice and easy step though.
  • Improved Bot Capture - Bots crawl web sites and pages and send messages, register accounts, claim profiles.  We have added some invisible software to spot the bots and stop then don't pesky tasks.
  • Location Prompt - We added in a location prompt, it will help to find the right place.
  • Use my current location - We have added in the "Use my current location" function into the company search - it makes things that little bit easier.

Bug Fixes:

  • Claim Site Onboarding - Sometimes this fired a blank; now it's all live!


Mid February 2019

With this sprint and release the team has been looking at speed improvements. Plus we added in some features to make Dsposal that little bit easier to use.

What's New:

  • New User Task List - As Dsposal grows and adds more features we needed a way to help you navigate all the wonders we had created.  So on your dashboard you'll be able to see a new, shiny task list with some of the things you can do.  When you complete a task it gets ticketed off and you can move on to the next one.
  • Remove Users - Sometimes things don't work out. That's why you can now remove users from the company account.
  • Improved Logo Upload - There has been some talk about how clunky and awful it was to upload a logo (and that was just by us!) So we fixed it.  Now it's a lovely experience to upload, crop and set the perfect logo.
  • More Reminders - Some quote requests, reminders and expiry dates were getting missed.  We wondered why, so we asked.  As the waste industry is a fast paced environment you wanted to receive a few more reminders so things didn't get missed.
  • Asynchronous Company Search - Using Dsposal to search for companies now has a couple of extra tweaks.  First off we moved some things around. Secondly we search our database and the Environment Agency Electronic Public Register separately and then show you the results.
  • Company Search Filters Updated - The filters on the company search page now talk to the map. Have a play with this feature, it's a good one.

Bug Fixes:

  • Speed Improvements - Time is precious so we saved you some on every page on Dsposal.
  • Some Ugly Buttons - How are there so many ugly buttons.


Late January 2019

New Year, new updates. This January's release was mainly around updating the code, streamlining little bits here and there, and standardising different stuff. Mostly behind the scenes so not much to see.

What's New:

  • Chat Interface - You're stuck. You've worked through Dsposal and hit a snag. You've read the articles but still you can't progress. Well now you can chat with one of us straight from within Dsposal. It's the orange icon on the bottom right of every screen.
  • Unclaimed Addresses - We added the address of the site to the unclaimed site profiles. This makes it easier to know which site you are looking at claiming.

Bug Fixes:

  • Searching for "a" - If you searched for "a" then Dsposal had a freak out! The issue was based around stop words. It's fixed so nothing can stop you now!
  • Tags not populating search - Pressing a tag in the waste thesaurus used to search and populate the search box. Then it broke so it just searched.  Now it does both again.
  • Some Ugly Buttons - We found more ugly buttons! We banished more ugly buttons. We'll keep searching for ugly buttons.


Late December 2018

With Christmas just days away we think an early present is in order. Check out the list of new stuff we released on the 20th December.

What's New:

  • Autocomplete Search Inputs - With an ever increasing number of waste sites, waste types and services using the search function could be intimidating. Now, well now we'll help you with your search so you can quickly and easily find the right place for your waste.
  • New Audit Fields - Our waste professional friends wanted our audit document to have both policies and management certificates for quality, health and safety, and environment.  This made perfect sense.  So we added it.
  • Improved SEO for Claimed Site Profiles - Search engines are the life blood of the internet. With this in mind we optimised the way your profiles look to the crawling algorithms. This means your Dsposal site profile will rank higher so more people can find you online.
  • Archive Documents - The licences, insurances and certificates that are uploaded to Dsposal help everybody to meet their duty of care. Great.  But what happens when these are expired?  Well now these documents can be archived. Archived documents are not shown on the profile pages or the traffic lights indicator on the dashboard.
  • HWRCs can't be contacted - Our Local Authority users didn't want their residents to contact them through Dsposal.  It added an extra channel that was difficult to monitor.  So we removed this bothersome feature.  Don't worry though, non-HWRC profiles still receive all the messages.
  • European Waste Catalogue Code Images - Why have loads of text when you can have a pretty picture? Good question.  All 842 EWC Codes now have a colourful image to easily identify the different entries.

Bug Fixes:

  • Date Picker - Last time we fixed the dates in some (but seemingly not all) of the date pickers.  This time round we got them all (we think).  Keep your eyes peeled for more!!!
  • Hard Coding - We spotted some hard coded fields that meant that some of the document edit pages made next to no sense. Sense has been resorted to acceptable levels.
  • Some Ugly Buttons - Did you ever notice that some buttons just looked weird when you hovered over them? Us too. Now the ugly button bug has been banished.
  • Mobile Search Listing Star - Being a fully responsive web platform is great.  Except that sometimes some bugs are hidden on our computers.  These stars were one such bug.  But we found it and we fixed it.
  • We did some other adjustments and modifications to the back office too.


Early December 2018

You have been a patient bunch waiting for this update (released 7th December). Let's dig right in!

What's New:

  • Downgrade Sites - Cancelling a subscription is now a easy and simple process of pressing buttons on the screen. Winning.
  • Add Users - You can now add users to your company, change their access levels and assign them to different sites.
  • Search Filters - You've searched for a waste site.  There are hundreds, now you can filter them.  Press Filters tab at the top of the search screen and see how you get on.  Anything else you want to filter against?
  • Major Updated Compliance Search - The compliance search algorithm has had a major overhaul. It now gives much better matches when searching complex terms. There is also now the ability to search for exact matches.  Look at the difference between searching for Engine Coolant and "Engine Coolant" (the quotes are the way to find exact matches!).
  • Updated Unclaimed Site Pages - This page was not a helpful introduction to Dsposal.  The text was confused, the buttons were all over the place and new users seemed to find themselves pressing the wrong buttons. This is now a lot cleaner and tidier.

Bug Fixes:

  • Audit Licence Dates - We crushed a bug that stopped the licences for installations and operations being populated in the duty of care audit document.
  • Quote or Enquiry - After months or user tests we realised you like to send quotes and not enquiries.
  • Document Table Dates - The dates in the document table were not dates but strings, this meant chaos reigned supreme whilst ordering then. We put energy in to decrease the entropy (second law of thermodynamics!).
  • Date Picker Neaten - Picking a date used to mean you lost sight of the input box.  No more as this bug was fixed.
  • Various under the bonnet adjustments and upgrades (including a speed boost to the dashboard).


Mid October 2018

Two updates in a month! This was pushed for release on the 18th October.

What's New:

  • Dsposal's Waste Duty of Care Audit Document - This is a huge update and helps all organisations check that their waste management contractors are licensed and legal. Read the document article Dsposal’s Duty of Care Audit Document and try it out for yourself in Documents in your Dashboard.
  • Licences, Insurances and Certificates is now Documents - As we have added the Duty of Care Audit into the licences, insurances and certificates section we thought it needed a more fitting name.

Bug Fixes:

  • Licence Boxes were Dark Grey - We pressed the wrong button and turned all the licence documentation boxes a dark grey colour. We didn't spot it because we are always logged in. You see it only happened to new users!! Thanks for spotting this one and letting us know.


Early October 2018

Everything is a work in progress. Check out our progress below that we pushed live on the 5th October 2018. 

What’s New:

  • Manage Payment Cards  – When you upgrade and pay for Dsposal you now have access to your payment card details. Head to the Dashboard and there in the menu you'll see "Subscription & Payment".
  • Nice and Tidy Maps - We've changed the look of the pins on the map and added some code to cluster those pins when zooming out.
  • Search Nudge - Our waste thesaurus doesn't have all the answers but it should help you out when you out smart it.  It should therefore now it does!
  • Error Pages - Some times things get moved on websites and an error message will appear. We tidied it up so that it looks less like a dictionary vomited on the screen.
  • Showcase Affiliates - Our home page now let's everybody know who we align ourselves with.
  • Press Coverage - Being a new green tech startup gets us loads of press, so we added links to our homepage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Metadata Search - Being found on external search engines is important.  So we fixed a slight bug to make it easier for us to rank higher.
  • HWRC or Limited - A frustrating little bug meant that the map listing map and the standard listing page showed different tags for recycling centres.  They are aligned now and confusion has been beaten once again!
  • Various under the hood tweaks and improvements.


Early September 2018 

Here we go again with the improvements. Here are the items we released on the 6th September 2018. 

What’s New:

  • Enhanced Notifications  – Get Trash Talk Notifications straight to your inbox.
  • Buttons look like buttons – We ran an experiment to see what our buttons should look like. Can you spot the difference?
  • Loading Icons  – So, here's the thing, when a button is pressed and nothing happens then questions start racing through your head. Is it broken? Is it loading? Should I press it again? Did I not press it properly? Our new buttons now let you know when they have been pressed. Thank you for pointing this one out to us.
  • Dashboard Sites - The Sites section got a lick of paint this time round. It's easier to tell which sites are pending verification, which sites are licensed waste sites and which are unlicensed non-waste sites.
  • Map and Tiles - Search for waste company, click a tile, see where it is on the map. Neat! (Doesn't work for unclaimed sites).
  • Phone Number - Phone number is now a link so you can phone the site you are viewing.
  • Logos - You can have a moving logo - just upload a gif file and away you go. This is ours on a test profile.

Bug Fixes:

  • Home Page Search - Searching for waste companies is pretty much our core function. Some of you couldn't do this. That was an issue. It is no longer an issue.
  • Claiming a Site - We had an issue with claiming a site. You probably didn't notice it but it drove us up the wall. We are now driving up a different wall.
  • Various under the hood tweaks and improvements.


Mid July 2018 

Another sprint, another list of new features. Here are the items we released on the 23rd July 2018. 

What’s New:

  • Waste Profiles Visible Everywhere – You asked, so we delivered.  Site profiles are now viewable on the national stage.
  • Documents – If you are responsible for managing a waste profile you can now add your licences, insurances and certificates to your profiles.
  • Upload Logos – As a waste company you can now add your own branding with your logo!!!
  • Updated Registration Page - Confirm your email, then your password.  Plus there's now a handy tool for letting you know how strong your password is.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sites Tab - Some of our users couldn't see the sites tab; that has been fixed.  Bug be gone!
  • Various under the hood tweaks and improvements.


Early July 2018 

This awesome release was pushed on 2nd July 2018.

What’s New:

  • Services – You have been asking for a while and now we are able to deliver the new Services feature for site profiles.
  • Articles – Call it a blog or news but we have one. We will write content to keep you updated about all things Dsposal. There are a handful there now but over the coming weeks and months we are going to keep adding to it so keep coming back. Head over to the Dsposal articles section here.
  • Updated Help Section – A fresh lick of paint on the help section makes it easier to find the answer to that burning question. What do you think of this new help section?
  • EWC Code Navigation Improvement – EWC Codes are hard enough without the added issue of being hard to navigate. Thankfully you let us know that a breadcrumb would help you find the right code for that rubbish you want to get rid of.
  • Claim a Site – Users can now claim their waste licence and create a site profile.
  • Updated Pricing Page – Quick paint job to help you understand the different pricing levels that Dsposal offers. You really should take a quick look at this page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Smaller Screen Size Tweak – On 4” smartphones we were struggling with the Register and Login menu. No more.
  • Names are now links – At long last we fixed the bug that stopped the site profile names being a link to that site. Wonder at the easy to check out waste sites. Various under the hood tweaks and improvements.


A huge thank you to all those users that let us know. These updates and improvements wouldn’t be possible without your feedback. If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, please let us know

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