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a girl, Cherry Passmore, and a woman, Sophie Walker, standing infront of a sign saying this is the place

My name is Cherry Passmore, I am fourteen years old. I am from a town in County Durham and I came down to Manchester to see what my uncle’s business is like and whether I would enjoy this type of job. I am doing work experience for Dsposal. I am doing this so that I can get used to and experience of what it is like to work in this type of environment. I am writing an article about my experience at Dsposal, so that other people can understand what it is like, what the business is like and what it is for. The office is set up near the city centre of Manchester. The building is called Federation House. There are three people in the team. Dsposal is a very new business and only launched in March 2018, however they set up the company in April 2016. Tom Passmore is the CEO of Dsposal, Sophie Walker is the COO of Dsposal and George Rovolis is the developer.

Three adults, Georgios, Sophie, Tom, staring into the camera smiling stood infront of a brick wall

Dsposals aim is to have a world where waste is used as a resource. Dsposal is there to save humans from wasting our resources.

What is Dsposal?

Dsposal is a business which helps people who make waste be able to dispose of their waste to a licensed waste manager. Lots of people do not understand that if you have waste that it is your responsibility to manage and to know what happens that that waste. If your waste ends up in the sea or on a beach, then that is your fault. Your waste is your burden. Dsposal helps you find the correct place to put certain types of waste. Certain places are only licensed to dispose of certain types of waste which is where people tend to get mixed up. With Dsposal you can look up your waste type and be able to find the nearest local waste manager which is licensed to deal with your waste.

Who can use Dsposal?

Net full of plastic bottles

Everyone makes waste. If it’s from a plastic bottle to a ton of metal scraps, we all make waste. Certain types of people can produce types of waste. For instance, an engineer could produce a lot of waste metal. Therefore, they would know through Dsposal where to put that waste in order to follow the law. Also, a householder could have a few weeks’ worth of plastic packaging. They would go on Dsposal and find the nearest place to dispose of it. Dsposal is convenient. It helps every type of waste producer, from a carpenter to a hospital. They would all know where to put their waste. It can save fines and even a prison sentence.

How could Dsposal help me?

Even though I am young I still make waste. I don’t have a car, but I can make sure my mam knows the ways in which to dispose of our waste. It could save us a lot of time and money. Without Dsposal we could be spending hours researching a suitable place to get rid of our rubbish. This proves that Dsposal helps all age types and all jobs types.

Tip of the Binberg

building waste dumped in a Manchester alley photograph

Manchester has a problem with waste crime. These crimes are costing the country a lot of money. Fly tipping is a big problem. In 2016 and 2017 alone the UK had to spend 4 million pounds in order to clean up the mess that fly tipping had made. If people would have independently took their waste to a licensed waste manager, then it would save the country a lot of money and it would benefit the environment. If your stuff is fly tipped and your personal details are in it then you could be fined as it is your responsibility to look after and get rid of your waste. If people would just look after their own waste, then it would benefit everyone, and it would save the council from having to waste their time and money on clearing up all the waste. This is another way that Dsposal could help sort out problems. It would help people find the right places to look after their waste instead of giving other unlicensed businesses the waste which in a lot of cases is just fly tipped.

Photograpg of a public litter bin on a path in a park

There is not a lot of information of what happens to your waste when you dispose of it in a public bin. How do people know what is going to happen to their waste and whether that they can get in bother if it is not properly disposed of?

If you have a business and it ends up with a waste criminal you could get prosecuted which would be really bad for the company. That is why every business should sign up to Dsposal so that they know that their company/ brand is always safe from being done for waste crime. Is it worth your business’s reputation?

The Pitch

I had three days to rehearse a pitch that Sophie gave at an event a few weeks ago. I have to admit that I don’t like public speaking and I struggled to do it. I found it difficult to learn as there were so many waste words that I didn’t understand and could not say properly.

Girl, Cherry Passmore, giving a presenation in a small white room with Dsposal logo

I got a print out of the words and I rewrote them but still I found it hard to remember them. I was very nervous when I had to give the pitch to Sophie, Georgios and Tom and I was very happy when it was finished. It was a struggle and I wish I had tried harder to learn it before I gave the pitch.


I really enjoyed my work experience at Dsposal and it was a good experience. I learnt lots of things from them about waste. I really liked learning how to design robotic arms on a 3D printer. I have learnt things I would never learnt just sat at home on my phone. I think that Dsposal is a very good and strong business and its going to help so many different types of people keep out of trouble with the law. I hope I’ll be able to do work experience for Dsposal again.


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