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Simple waste compliance software made for your Facilities Management Company

Get the tools you need to efficiently manage your waste across your Facilities Management Company with intuitive online waste compliance software.

How Dsposal helps Facilities Management Companies meet their legal obligations to waste

Working across and in facilities can be complex. With Dsposal, it's easy to stay up-to-date and manage your waste compliance.

Most businesses think that their responsibility to their waste finishes then it's taken away by a waste contractor. Actually, their legal obligations don’t end until their waste gets to the end of its journey. For Facilities Management Companies it goes one step further. In your case you are responsible for yours and (depending on your contracts) your clients' waste until that final step. Dsposal makes it easy for you and your clients to stay on the right side of the law and to make sure you know where your waste has gone.

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Dsposal streamlines your waste management duties with time-saving tools like Trash Talk. This is the notification centre keeping you informed about changes in regulation and when the licences, accreditations or insurances of your waste contractors have expired.

Audit Help

Doing a Duty of Care Audit is essential. Dsposal helps you by creating an easy to use document that you can use to audit your waste management contractors. If they're signed up to Dsposal too then it really is a piece of cake.


Centrally manage all of your sites, but make each one unique if they use different contractors, have different users or different needs.

Why Does it Matter

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Facilities Management Companies operate as de facto waste brokers for their clients as well as waste producers in their own right. This complex arrangement means it can be hard for both you and your clients to meet your legal obligations around waste. Dsposal brings transparency and clarity to this complexity. Sign up and let Dsposal take care of your waste compliance so you can spend time focussing on your facilities and your clients.

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