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Help your clients by showing them the wonders of simple waste compliance software

Get the tools you and your clients' need to efficiently manage the waste to help save everybody time with intuitive online waste compliance software.

How Dsposal aids professional services and their clients act in accordance with the legal obligations to waste

The world of professional services is constantly evolving, so too is your clients' worlds. With Dsposal you can free up yours and your clients time and keep on top of the legal obligation to waste.

Most businesses think that their responsibility to their waste finishes then it's taken away by a waste contractor. Actually, their legal obligations don’t end until their waste gets to the end of its journey. For profession services and their clients this can be a headache. With a wide portfolio comes a large and complex set of needs. Dsposal makes it easy for you and your clients to understand what the law says, what you need to do to say on the right side of it and to keep it professional.

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Being responsible for waste can be tricky with all the acronyms and codes (HP, EWC, R/D). That’s why we’ve put them all together in one place, meaning you and your clients have a better understanding of rubbish.


Dsposal has all the licensed and permitted waste organisations in England. By using our directory you'll find one close to you.

Audit Help

Doing a Duty of Care Audit is essential. Dsposal helps you by creating an easy to use document that you can use to audit your waste management contractors.

Why Does it Matter

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Part of the problem is that there’s very low levels of awareness around waste. Our research conducted by YouGov in Greater Manchester showed that 49% of adults didn’t know waste removal services needed to be licensed and in a study by the Right Waste Right Place campaign even businesses were unaware of their Duty of Care with 48% of them not knowing where their waste goes once it leaves their premises. So it’s really easy for criminals to take advantage. We help both you and your clients understand this complexity and guide you both through it. We're take care of everything to do with your waste so you can spend time focussing on your other services to offer your clients.

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