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Convenient waste compliance software made for your retail business

Use the tools you need to efficiently manage your waste in your retail business with user friendly online waste compliance software.

How Dsposal assist everybody within retail to follow their legal obligations to waste

Retail is hard and is always changing. With Dsposal you can free up your time and keep on top of the legal obligation to waste so you can focus on selling the goods.

Most businesses think that their responsibility to their waste finishes then it's taken away by a waste contractor. Actually, their legal obligations don’t end until their waste gets to the end of its journey. For retail companies this is no fun. Everything in retail is important and needs to be on trend. This constantly changing stock can make if difficult to understand how waste should be classified or where it should go. Dsposal makes it easy for you classify these new items when they become waste and helps you find suitable sites that can process them the right way.

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Waste Thesaurus

Dsposal's "Waste Thesaurus" helps everybody quickly and easily classify their waste. With over 10,000 keywords and growing the waste thesaurus helps with classification.


Dsposal has all the licensed and permitted waste organisations in England. By using our directory you'll find one close to you.


Send quotes using the enquiries system so retail outlets and waste companies can talk with confidence.

Why Does it Matter

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Part of the problem is that there’s very low levels of awareness around waste. Our research conducted by YouGov in Greater Manchester showed that 49% of adults didn’t know waste removal services needed to be licensed and in a study by the Right Waste Right Place campaign even businesses were unaware of their Duty of Care with 48% of them not knowing where their waste goes once it leaves their premises. So it’s really easy for criminals to take advantage. We help you understand this complexity and guide you through it. We're take care of everything to do with your waste so you can spend time focussing on your retail business.

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