Where is my permit or licence?

Cartoon image of disappearing waste sites and a question of where is my permit or licence

You need help finding a permit of licence of Dsposal. It is the only reason to come to this page. There are a number of reasons why. In this article we'll walk you through the steps to help you find a licence or permit that is missing from Dsposal.

Before You Start

Before you find an AWOL permit and/or licence you should know that:

Finding a missing licence or permit?

We'll jump straight into helping you with this issue.  There will be further reading below this first paragraph. But let's solve you problem first.

Step 1) Click on this link https://dsposal.uk/waste-company-info-unclaimed?registrationNumber=CBDU104360 this will take you to Biffa Waste Services LTD's waste carrier, broker, dealer upper tier licence.

Step 2) Change the url in the address bar to the licence or permit you are looking for. To do this remove the letters and numbers after the "registrationNumber=" section with your permit or licence info.

So for example let us say that you wanted to find the unclaimed profile for the Waste Operations with permit number WP3731MH/V005 you would change the url from:




gif to change the permit or licence number in the dsposal url

This should then bring up the unclaimed profile page for that licence number.  If it returns an error you need to contact us either by email, phone or the chat interface.

Why does Dsposal not always return a permit or licence?

Good question.  This isn't the easiest question to answer but we'll give it a go.

Dsposal uses external data to populate our unclaimed pages.  This data comes from the Environment Agency Public Registers API. Sometimes the data provided to us isn't always perfect, and it needs to be perfect because computers like perfection.

One way in which this impection is with postcodes.  Sometimes the data from the Environment Agency might say M156GZ instead of M15 6GZ.  Missing that space can cause us problems.

Other times the postcode would be correct but the geolocation data might be incorrect. So for instead, when a eastings and northings location should be 384378, 396334 it might be 0, 0.

We have also had times when the Environment Agency API has failed and thus we are unable to "call" their information.

Finally, the licence might not be valid anymore and thus has been removed from the data.



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