Getting Started with Dsposal

What is Dsposal?

Dsposal’s mission is to digitally connect a physically connected industry. We are the first interconnected, collaborative waste management software bringing innovation to our industry: helping tackle waste crime, promoting waste as a resource and driving the circular economy – because “there is no away”. As we grow we are constantly innovating to keep bringing the benefits of new technologies to a sector that is often forgotten by developers.  We believe that the time is right to revolutionise our industry, that technology holds the key and that we have the skills and passion to deliver our vision.

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We believe that there is no such thing as throwing rubbish “away”. It has to go somewhere. This is so important to us that we included it in our values.

What is a "Waste Producer"?

When we say "waste producer" we are talking about everybody that has rubbish, junk, garbage, scrap or trash. For example:

  • A homeowner that has a garage full of junk that the council can't collect
  • A small business owner that needs to get rid of their office rubbish taken away
  • A factory that needs to get its hazardous waste collected, transported and treated

As a waste producer you can find and book licensed waste companies to deal with your waste. You then follow these waste companies. By following them you are kept up to date with their different documents like their insurances or licenses. This gives you piece of mind that you are meeting your duty of care.

What is a "Waste Company"?

When we say "waste company" we are talking about the people, businesses or charities that collect, transport, recover, treat, deal in or broker waste. For example:

  • A man with a van that does general rubbish removal
  • A small business that empties out septic tanks
  • A charity that collects food waste and turns it into compost
  • A large waste management company that collects waste oil from garages

As a licensed waste company, you claim your profile and showcase your business to waste producers. By uploading your licences, insurances and policies you can keep all your customers compliant. With our inbuilt notification system, you and your customers will receive updates regarding the expiry dates of these licences, insurances and policies. As a licensed waste company, you also get all the benefits that waste producers get like being able to follow your transfer sites, AD plants or EfW facilities.

Why do you keep saying “licensed waste company”?

Every person, business or charity that collects, transports, recovers, treats, disposes of, deals in or brokers waste for money needs to have a licence. Dsposal uses the Environment Agency’s Public Registers to populate the company profile pages. Meaning that all waste companies on Dsposal are licensed by the Environment Agency. We like to keep saying “licensed waste company” because that’s who you should always be using to collect your waste. Sadly there are a lot of rogue traders out there, but you won’t find them on Dsposal.

What is the “Duty of Care”?

The Waste Duty of Care is a law about how to deal with waste so that we can protect human health and our environment. It applies to everybody that producers waste and almost every waste in England; even householders and their waste. The waste producer has a responsibility to take all practical steps to make sure that their waste is properly looked after until it finishes its journey to disposal or recovery.

If you fail in your waste duty of care by letting an illegal company collect your waste, then you could get a fine or even a prison sentence. Waste crimes like collecting waste without a licence, fly tipping or illegally burning waste are massive problems in England. To combat it the Environment Agency and Local Authorities are cracking down and not just on the people that carry out the crime but also on the people, businesses and organisations that do not follow their duty of care by using these illegal operators.

Is Dsposal available on all my devices?

You can use Dsposal on smartphones, tablets and computers. Since the system is accessible via the internet you would just use the internet browser on your device to access it. To be sure Dsposal works properly your web browser needs to meet our requirements.

This is a very important question. Dsposal is hosted on Microsoft Azure secure servers here in England and we ensure your information is secure and private. You can read our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy.

Why can I use Dsposal for free?

Dsposal has been built to help solve the problem of waste crime and support everybody in their duty of care; not just those that can pay for it. By offering a free to use version every person, company and organisation will have access to find the right place for their waste.

It is estimated that the economic impact of waste crime in England is at least £600,000,000. We are doing our bit to help. By using Dsposal you will be doing your bit too.

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